THC-O Vape Cart

The distinctive THC-O Vape Cart is presented with a quality over quantity state of mind—a delicious, unmatched series across multiple brands that allows the end consumer to enjoy the finer things in life. New designs and signature raw material offerings are reimagined in a mix of vapes, capsules, exotic CBD hemp flower, and trims imbued with an inherently summer feel.

Device Specs:

      • Tank Capacity: 1mL
      • Tank Material: Pyrex Glass
      • Oil Intake Holes: 4 - 2.0mm
      • Base Threading: Standard 510
      • Resistance: 1.2 - 1.4ohms
      • Mouthpiece: White Ceramic

What is THC-O

THC-O (AKA THC-O-Acetate, or THC Acetate) is a newly introduced cannabinoid, that is considered to be 4 times more potent than Delta-9 THC. It is so strong, some even claim that using THC-O produces a spiritual & psychedelic experience.

How does it feels to use THC-O?

Using THC-O might make you feel a powerful mental and physical buzz, joy and relaxation. As a very potent cannabinoid, you can expect to experience much stronger effects than the ones coming from other cannabinoids. Unlike Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC, THC-O vape cartridges are much stronger than regular carts, so embrace as this one is a game changer.

Is it legal and what about drug test?

THC-O is derived from hemp and such is federally legal, at least until specificaly rulled otherwise. If Delta 8 is legal in your state, you can expect THC-O to be the same.

Regrading drug tests, THC-O might be close enough to Delta 9 THC to trigger a drug test, so you might end up ‘Hot’ even without smoking regular cannabis. If you need to pass a drug test anytime soon you might want to consider skipping anything with ‘THC’ in it until you are over it.

THC-O & Tolerance

Another advantage of using THC-O is you might be able to fully enjoy it, even with a developed a tolerance to THC. This is because not only it is more potent than THC, but it is a completely different compound. All that said, the usage of THC-O products after developing tolerance to regular THC haven’t been evaluated yet, so it is up to you to try for yourself and make you own mind on the subject.

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