P-30™ THCP+

THCP+ MTC oil emulsion containing Ultra-Pure THCP and CBDP.

Contains Cannabinoids


Recommended Starting Dose

Approximately 1/5 Dropper (.15ml)



P-30™ Benefits


💪100 Doses Per Bottle

👍 Includes Dosing Dropper

🍪 Bake Goodies By Dosing Butters and Oils

👅 Soothing Natural Flavor

⭐ Dose Coffee, Shakes, Salads and More

🎯 Perfect For Vegan, Keto, and Gluten-free Diets

How To Use THCP+ Tincture

For fast relief try 1/5 dropper sublingually. Increase dose as needed. For dosing edibles, add your desired dose into butter, cooking oil, or any other oil based consumable or topical, and mix until fully incorporated. Visit Spyglass Wellness™ for our Top 10+ Recipes and Dosing Guides.

Minor Cannabinoid Information

An exciting novel phorolic cannabinoid, THCP, or THP isolate has shown sedative and analgesic properties resembling those of THC. THCP may show activation of the cannabinoid receptors up to 30 times or more than D9THC.

Top 3 ways to use P-30™ THCP+

The New Star Of Hemp ⭐

Spyglass CBD™ THCP+ and CBDP+ products are created using a highly specialized process called P-30™. Based on a breakthrough study introduced in 2019, P-30™ revolutionizes hemp cannabinoids, and is superior to legacy extraction production methods. Using P-30™, highly precise creations never before possible are now both repeatable and available to you.


While THCP may show activation of the cannabinoid receptors 30 times more than D9THC, The psychotropic effects could be different between D9THC and THCP with its two more carbons. Studies may also show CBDP and THCP to be active longer than their shorter chain cannabinoid cousins.

Ultra-Pure Hemp Cannabinoids

P-30™ sets the bar for hemp cannabinoid innovation, strength, and purity. Increased cannabinoid activity potential up to 30 times that of D9THC means significantly greater dosing flexibility.

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