HHC Vape Cart - 900MG

      • HHC Vape Cart - 900MG

Our HHC 900MG vape cart is the highest quality hemp derived extract on the market. It is made from hemp and is federally legal in accordance with the 2018 farm bill act. It is extremely smooth and usually contains 95% Hemp Derived Cannabinoids and 5% botanically derived terpenes. No VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agent.

Device Specs:

      • Tank Capacity: 1mL
      • Tank Material: Pyrex Glass
      • Oil Intake Holes: 4 - 2.0mm
      • Base Threading: Standard 510
      • Resistance: 1.2 - 1.4ohms
      • Mouthpiece: White Ceramic

Ingredients: Hemp Derived Cannabinoids, Botanical Derived Terpene

Serving Size: 1 puff. Varies depending on the user. Do not exceed 1 serving per 24 hour period. Servings per pre roll depend on the user.

HHC Vape Cart Strains:
1) Train Wreck – Indica
2) Blue Dream – Sativa
3) Girl Scout Cookies – Hybrid

About Delta 8 Pharma Grade
Delta 8 Pharma grade now D8PG is committed to innovating and providing the most reliable cannabinoids and THC derivatives on the market. Our advanced Tru-Nano Technology provides the most effective delivery system for you to consume your cannabinoids. We are here to provide the safest, most reliable, and lab tested products on the market. We are here to be your go to Hemp Brand delivering the most innovative and quality products on the market.

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