Delta 8 Flower - 3.5g

Delta 8 THC Flower

The most premium Delta 8 THC Hemp flower on the market! Our flower is cured to perfection and every nug is hand trimmed to ensure you have the tightest nugs. We offered a wide variety of strains across the whole spectrum including indicas, sativas, and hybrid. All Delta  Hemp flower is enclosed in a pop-top jar to ensure the freshest quality.

Sourcing our flower starts with getting our boots on the ground visiting each and every farm. After vetting out over 200 farmers we have found what we consider the best CBD Flower on the market. Our flower is responsibly grown with organic practices right in the heart of Texas. Texas has the best CBD Flower? Check it out today and you will see why Texas is now known as having the CBD Flower. The difference? It is in the TLC that is shown to every plant and every nug. Our Texas CBD Flower is made with love! Try four yourself.

Ingredients: Premium Hemp Flower

Serving size:1 puff. Varies depending on the user. Do not exceed 1 serving per 24 hour period. Servings per pre-roll depend on the user.

About Delta 8 Pharma Grade:
Delta 8 Pharma grade now D8PG is committed to innovating and providing the most reliable cannabinoids and THC derivatives on the market. Our advanced Tru-Nano Technology provides the most effective delivery system for you to consume your cannabinoids. We are here to provide the safest, most reliable, and lab-tested products on the market. We are here to be your go-to Hemp Brand delivering the most innovative and quality products on the market

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