Delta 8 Flower Spray - 5000mg

Delta 8 THC CBD Flower Spray Product Description

  • Total ∆8THC Content: 5000mg/60ml
  • ∆8THC Content Per ML: 83.3mg/1ml
  • Container:60ml Boston Round Cobalt Blue Spray Bottle
  • Ingredients:  Natural Terpenes (OG Kush-Dime OG blend), MCT Oil, Delta 8 (Tetrahydrocannabinol)
  • Extraction Material: Hemp-Derived from CBD Isolate

Our Delta 8 Flower THC Products are sourced from high-quality hemp-derived ingredients.

Terpene Infuse your CBD Hemp Flower for a Top Shelf CBD Flower experience!

Each bottle is intended for up to 800 grams of smokeable hemp flower.

Please use Delta 8 THC with caution and consult with your local physician about implementing a healthy wellness plan that incorporates hemp-derived Cannabinoids in your daily regime | #DoseDaily

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